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What Is HomeBinder?

HomeBinder allows you to organize and save all related home information in a convenient online application.  From storing paint colors to getting maintenance reminders, HomeBinder will help get your home ownership off to a great start.  It will ensure you have all the details you need in the future right at your fingertips.  Best of all, we’ll get it setup for you to minimize the effort to begin managing your greatest asset.  Although you’ll probably not think about selling for some time, when you do, your HomeBinder will help with buyers, your accountant and the appraiser.  We will give you lifetime of ownership access to HomeBinder Homeowner Edition (otherwise $12/year) as part of your inspection.

How Does It Work?

Soon after the inspection you’ll get an email from HomeBinder with a link to access your personalized binder.  All you need to do is pick a password and you’ll have private access to that binder going forward.  If you need or want, you can share the binder with your spouse or family member.

Recall Notifications.

Once you have set up your HomeBinder just go to the appliance tab, insert your make and model of your different appliances (ie: refrigerator, washer, water heater etc), when this is done HomeBinder will provide a regular recall notification service on each of the added appliances and alert you to the recall of appliances with dangerous flaws, keeping your and your family safe. It is believed that about 10% of homes have a recalled appliance – which may be eligible for free, in-home repairs performed by the manufacturer. If at any time you upgrade or add to your appliances just enter the information and HomeBinder will add these to the notification service.

Check out this short video for more information:

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